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Uncharted suns and planets past all counting,
whirling, twirling down unnumbered years,
nations by the trillion, faintly guessed at,
come and gone and still more yet to be:


Far as man made eyes can reach
and farther.......
perched and poised peer through the night
and seem to beg, plead, cry out in our stead


If only for one Speck of Time
.......................Speck of Space



J. Foley A. Horkheimer


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What Is "Star Gazers"?

"Star Gazers" is the world's only weekly television series on naked eye astronomy. Each weekly episode features selected objects for naked eye viewing for the following week. There are two versions of "Star Gazers", one 5 minutes long and the other 1 minute long. "Star Gazers" is made available free of charge to all PBS television stations. If your PBS station is not currently carrying "Star Gazer" you may wish to CONTACT them. You may also view "Star Gazers" episodes on this web site in streaming video. All you need is Quicktime or an IPod. And we're on YouTube. See instructions below. Also on this web site you will find all current and past scripts for "Star Gazers" with accompanying star charts and diagrams.

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Jack Horkheimer

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Horkheimer's Heavens -

Three 30 minute shows from the early 70's

Horkheimer's Heavens


 Horkheimer's Heavens

Doomsday 1982

 Horkheimer's Heavens

Planets Of The 50's

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Hot Off The Presses!

Every curious kid eventually looks up into the night sky and asks what it's all about.
Let Jack Horkheimer, host of PBS's Star Gazer, give them the big picture in this wonderful fact-filled cartoon book about the cosmos. From the sun and the moon to the stars, constellations, and the vastness of space-it's all here in a totally fun, accessible way. 

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